Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday in Enairebuk

Monday morning we were off to Enairebuk on the Tanzania border for our first clinic in the Olorte area. We had a crew go ahead of the truck to cut a way for us through the forest. The road was already there, but just a bit over grown for a vehicle the size of ours.

There was a opening in the forest and there stood a little school house with some cornfields around it. It seems liked hundreds of little children streamed out of the school as we drove up, some eager to greet us, others shy and reluctant. They put their heads down for us to touch them on top of the heads as a blessing and out of respect for the elders.

It was not long before we had moved all of the supplies into the two classrooms and were ready to start seeing patients. The lines seemed to grow faster then we could see patients. Many Maasai from Tanzania came to the clinic too.

It was about 4pm before we closed up the clinic, packed up the goodies and bid farewell to the little community. We were not able to treat everyone, but the team had worked hard and we were all ready for a little R&R back at Olkoroi Camp.

On our way back we stopped at Hennie and Becca's place to pick up Pat who had spent the day teaching at the little Maasai Primary School in Olorte. Hennie and Becca are part of a wonderful team that makes up Walking with Maasai which is an amazing organization. We visited with Hennie for a little while at the house and played with their three kids (Becca was in Nairobi working on visas for the family)

Then back up to camp for the the rest of the evening. Some went down to the river to swim or bathe while others just enjoyed a good book.  Our second clinic was done and the team had made a huge difference in a little community, that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere!

Tomorrow we are off to another little community to make a difference once again.  As I sat by the fire outside my tent and listened to the night sounds and was reminded just how blessed I am to be here in Kenya and be part of a team like this one!

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