Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday - on the road to Olorte

Sunday morning we literally bumped, bounced, flew, tumbled, and leaned in the truck over the dusty dirt roads! Over the hills we went to Olorte, through deep forests and open grasslands. Then down the other side of the hills and into the farm lands of Olorte and Loita Hills.

It was just shortly before noon when we pulled into the Olkoroi Camp. After a little orientation time on where things were, what wild animals to keep an eye out for and more we unpacked the truck and set up our tents. 

Everyone went down to the river and enjoyed cooling off, although the swimming hole was a bit shallow so they just waded and climbed rocks instead. Then about 3pm the entire group headed out for about a 3 hour hike through the wilderness - they saw hippo and colobus monkeys and made it back to camp before sunset.

For supper everyone made their own pizza and we baked them in the new brick oven, plus had lemon/poppy seed muffins with a lemon glaze dripping off of them, plus fruit salad. Pretty good I think for bush cooking!

Everyone enjoyed their hot drinks and sitting by the fire sharing stories last night. They heard their first hyenas and took hot showers, then headed to bed for a good night of sleep. It was really cold last night.... we are thinking maybe in the low 40's! Which is not so bad if you are in a house with walls.... but a tent ..... well thats a little chilly.

Monday we head out to a clinic and will be taking the truck down a cow path..... should be lots of fun!

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