Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Day of Clinic in Olorte Area

Tuesday we spent in another little village on the Mausa in the Olorte area. It was a little school set up on a hill. The area was so very green and the day was a bit over cast.  We had a family come to clinic that told us of a very old man that could not make it to clinic, and wondered if we could go to see him. I worked it out for a motorcycle to come and take Dr Guild on the house call. He packed up his medical bag and camera and off he went over the side of the hill on the back of the motorcycle.

For the most part the clinic went well and we had lots of people lined up the entire day. When it was time to close up we spent a little time with the community people, gave out stickers to the children and then headed back to our camp, stopping on the way at Hennie and Becca's place again to check out the bead work that the Maasai ladies do on their front porch.

Back and camp we enjoyed some down time, feed Tusker his bottle ( a naughty 6 month old eland) and sent him to bed for the night. After supper and worship I surprised the team with some Maasai warriors who came to do traditional dances. Their yips and chants seemed to come out of the darkness as they made their way to the fire where we were all sitting. Following the dance they joined us around the fire for some hot chai and we exchanged questions. It was a great educational evening. Then we were off to bed, as morning would come soon and we needed to pack up and head to a new place - Olderkesi!

Good night all -

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